Bird Resources

Check out our list of resources to learn all about birds!

Resources are categorized below based on topic. The topics listed were covered at previous virtual monthly meetings and other events.

General Resources:

All About Birds. org

National Audubon Society

Monthly Meeting Topic Resources:

  • Missouri Wild Flowers by Edgar Denison ISBN: 978-1-887247-59-7
  • Nature’s Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation That Starts in Your Yard ~ by Douglas W. Tallamy
  • Bird Cast – bird migration forecasts in real time: 
  • Book: “A World on the Wing” by Scott Weidensaul – mentioned when we discussed how some birds can “turn off” part of their brain while flying during migration.

Where to Learn Gulls:

  • Time in the field
  • – Amar Ayyash blog
  • Gulls of the Americas (Guidebook) – Howell and Dunn [Note: Out of print but watch used bookstores and estate sales]
  • Gulls Simplified – Dunne and Karlson (Guidebook)
  • Gulls of the World- A Photographic Guide – Olsen
  • North American Gulls page on Facebook
  • Watch for Bill Rowe’s workshop through MBS


  • “Atlas of Extinct Animals” by Radek Maly


Get Involved in Community Science!

Backyard Bird Count


Christmas Bird Count